Socks & Snooze

The Monster in 3-B


Clifford's Clubhouse

Paw Print Picasso

Hup Hup

Clifford's Super Sleepover

Nina's Perfect Party [non speaking]

Shun Gets in the Game

Clifford's Winter Spirit


Fine Feather Friend

Sing-a-Song Norville

Tell Me a Tale

The Best Nest

Practice Makes Perfect

Perfect Pet

With Friends Like You

Sniff, Sniff

Fall Feast

Norville's New Game

Moving On

Grooming Gloom

Jokes on You

The Halloween Bandit

An Honest Spin

Small Packages [Flashback]

Clifford's Magic Lamp [Mention and flashback]

School Daze

Celebrating Spring [Non speaking]

Garden Delights

Things That Go Bump [In the story]

The Big Surprise

But I Really, Really Saw It!

The Perfect Pancake

Clifford's Little Friend

The Big, Big Present

Hanukkah Plunder Blunder

What a Story

Lost and Found